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The benefits of term life insurance policies

Term insurance: simple and affordable

When it comes to comparing different types of insurance policies for covering your life term insurance policies turn out to be the most simple and inexpensive. If your insurance needs don't require sustaining a policy for your entire life, you may find it very appealing to get a term policy especially with the price tag being times smaller than of continuous policies.

Why term policies are the cheapest option for life coverage?

Term insurance policies will cover you only for a specific period of time. They also usually have pre-set premiums and fixed amounts of benefits to receive. Term policies can last from one to 30 years, but the most popular options are 10 and 20 year term policies. The vast majority of these policies cannot be renewed and the chances for the insurance company to pay out death benefits on term coverage policy are minimal. In fact, only about 1% of all term insurance policies actually give out a death benefit to their clients. That's why the insurance company can place a significantly lower price tag on such a product.

Why taking term insurance coverage?

Term insurance policies are aimed at covering certain types of debts in case the policyholder is disabled or dies. Some debts that term insurance coverage may pay for include:

  • Consumer credits
  • Mortgage loans
  • College education for children
  • Funeral expenses

That's why people who get 30-year mortgage deals are looking for 30-ear term life insurance policies. The most widespread options in terms of policy duration are those of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. Short-term policies are also available but they are rarely purchased.

Types of term insurance policies

Decreasing term insurance policies, also referred to as mortgage insurance policies, have a fixed premium over the entire term, however the death benefit is constantly decreasing with the time passing, being often connected to your mortgage debt. And as you pay out your mortgage, your insurance amount is decreased respectively. Insurance experts are not very enthusiastic about this type of policies although it's a cheap life insurance option. But keeping in mind the low percentage of death benefit payout there's not much sense in having such a policy.

Other types of term life coverage include:

  • Burial insurance: such small insurance are aimed only for covering funeral costs.
  • Group term insurance coverage: suitable for enterprises as it is designed to cover more people than standard policies.
  • Specified age term insurance: such policies provide coverage only until the policyholder reaches a specified age.
  • Return of premium: such policies will reimburse a part or all the premiums you have paid during the term if a claim is not filed. However, the premiums with such policies are usually higher.

Although, term life coverage is a relatively inexpensive compared to other types of insurance, your policy can still cost you much in premiums if you don't take some time and shop around for a good policy. There are numerous insurance companies providing term insurance policies, and the rates can differ significantly for the same type and amount of coverage. That's why it really pays off shopping around and getting as much life insurance quotes as you can, in order to find the perfect term insurance policy to purchase. Be smart, and don't get the first policy you are offered with as there may be numerous offers way better than that.

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