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Extras for life insurance coverage

When you want your insurance policy to give you more coverage options than intended initially, you go for extras. Because life coverage policy is like a suit - you have to make it fit you, otherwise there's no point in wearing something that's uncomfortable. And like when you go to the tailor, to make your suit fit, you buy extras and raiders to make the policy fit your insurance needs perfectly.

But what is a rider in the first place?

Legally speaking, a rider is a document containing certain provisions that are not included in the initial policy, and which are to be enclosed to the present policy when signed. But don't think that it will cost you much, because the majority of riders are inexpensive compared to the initial prices of the policy. They require less underwriting and thus come with a reasonable pricing while providing coverage in cases you think are important for you.

Insurance companies offer a wide range of raiders designed to cover a variety of situations and circumstances. Some of these riders are best suited for term policies, while others are designed specifically to be included into continuous policies. Here are some of the most popular riders you might think about getting from your company.

Guaranteed insurability

Also referred to as "future purchase option," this type of rider is only available for purchase with your continuous life coverage policy. It provides you with a possibility to get additional coverage when reaching a specific age without the need to prove your insurability. This often comes in handy when there are changes in your life like marriage, child birth, change of job, etc.

Waiver of premium

In case you are unable to work due to serious injury or disease, paying for life insurance can become quite problematic. This rider will pay your insurance premium if you become disabled or seriously sick without a steady source of income.

Additional family member

This is a great way to get cheap life insurance for your family while still having everybody covered adequately. Instead of buying stand-alone policies or including your family members to your permanent insurance policy, which will be quite costly, you can purchase this rider, which is a form of term coverage, and get the coverage you need for a far lower price.

Accidental death

Also referred to as "double indemnity," this rider will pay out double the coverage amount of your policy if you die because of an accident. It is especially important if you have a high risk of having an accident at your work.

Living benefits

This rider will pay out a part of your benefit when you are still alive should you develop a serious illness or injury that will require long time care or nursing. The benefits will of course be adjusted accordingly, but the rider gives you and your family the necessary financial support during the tough period.

Conversion term insurance

This is a great option for those who don't have the money for a continuous policy right now but would like to use its benefits in the future. When you purchase this rider with your much cheaper term insurance policy you reserve the right to convert it into a continuous one when you have the money for it, without having to buy a new policy.

When looking for riders, shopping around also works great. Remember to get life insurance quotes on the riders you would like to purchase and go with the most competitive offers.

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