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Life insurance quotes for selling on the life settlement market

An increasing number of companies advertise their willingness to buy your policy, but is this always a good idea?There's news from Britain where some of these companies are based. It seems some have run into financial difficulty and the national regulator is imposing new limits on the right of British-based companies to buy US life policies. The problem is these companies are forced to guess how long you will live after the deal is made. Put simply, if the buyer makes a good guess, there is a good return on the money invested. But if medical science keeps you alive for more years than expected, the buyer may make a loss.

It will help understanding to put numbers on this. Suppose you are aged 72 and, looking at the current life expectancy statistics, you are expected to live for a further ten years. The guaranteed minimum payment is $500,000 and the annual premium is $18,000. In today's market, you would expect to sell at around $220,000. If the estimate is correct and you live for a further ten years, this means the buyer will pay $180,000 in installments and make a profit of at least $100,000 less the cost of financing and administration. But if you live for more than fifteen years, the buyer has paid out more than it will receive unless there is a good cash value.

As average life expectancy increases, this makes the decision for the potential buyers much more difficult. Will you be one of the many who will die young or will you be the less common person who lives until more than one-hundred? This decision is easier when the buyer has a medical report prepared, but it is not always convenient and cost-effective to pay for a full report. Faced with this uncertainty, there is increasing pressure on buyers to offer less. Indeed, many informed observers are beginning to describe some of the offers as so low they are potentially fraudulent. All of this should encourage you to approach the life settlement market with some caution. Always know exactly what the insurance company will offer as the surrender value. Then remember it is not a good reason to sell on the secondary market just because you are offered a few thousand more. You should be looking for a substantial improvement over surrender value.

Now comes the really important question. Why are you selling? If there is a financial emergency, you may be rushed into a fire sale situation and feel under pressure to accept low-ball offers. It may be better to look at a loan to tide over your short-term difficulty. Assuming a cash value in the life insurance policy, you can usually borrow some of the investment gain at a competitive rate of interest, or put up the policy as collateral for a third party loan. You must repay or else the interest payments will eat up the remaining value in the policy. Alternatively look at a 1035 exchange described in one of the other articles on this site. All this should produce good results unless the terms and conditions from a cheap life insurance policy make sale or borrowing bad value.


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