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Life insurance in Texas

When people choose to insure their life this can be taken as a form of utter care for their loved ones, because such insurance policies protect dependents from loss of income due to the policyholder’s death. This is an effective way to secure mortgage loans, child care, education and other costly services that will be hard to pay for in case the main source of income for the family ceases to exist. Besides, certain types of this insurance allow accumulation of funds on a savings account, which further can be used as an investment tool for different purposes. Many people use this type of insurance as an alternative to retirement plans, but the possibilities are not limited to just that.

In order to insure your life in Texas you should first make sure that the company or agent you're looking forward working with is licensed for operating in the state by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). In order to verify that all you need to do is contact TDI customer support either by phone (1-800-252-3439; 463-6515 in Austin) or visit the official website of Texas Department of Insurance After you've verified the insurance company you can either contact it directly or work with an insurance agent or broker to help you determine, which insurance policy is most suitable for your insurance needs.

Before you sign any contracts or policies with the insurance company, you should be aware of your customer rights, which give you some benefits that might be quite useful in certain situation. Here are your rights as a life insurance buyer in Texas:

Prompt benefit payout. The insurance company should process your claim within 15 days upon its filing, and provide you with the result within 45 days or provide explanations if there are any delays. In case of an individual life insurance policy, the company should also pay out an interest on the death benefit provided by the policy.

Due premium payment. In Texas insurance policies, regardless if it's cheap life insurance or costly continuous coverage, have a 31-day grace period that starts after your premium payment due date, in which you are able to cover the premium without any additional fees. In case the person insured passes away during this period, the person specified in the policy automatically receives the death benefit with subtracted amount of the due premium.

Policy lapse. You may renew your policy after it has lapsed within five years according to Texas laws. However, your insurance company has the right to require additional fees as well as current health condition check before providing you again with coverage.

Remember that the general rules of buying insurance apply in Texas as well. In order to find a really good policy that will meet your needs for a reasonable price you still have no better option than life insurance quotes. Try to get as many quotes from different companies as you can in order to have a detailed picture of the offer in the local market. But always make sure to check if the company is licensed to operate in Texas before signing any contracts or policies. Be a smart and careful shopper, it always pays off to be one!

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