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The Site is operated and maintained from offices located in the United States and take into account the legal framework of the US. If you are accessing the site from any location outside the United States it is your personal responsibility to interpret the information presented on this Site as we do not guarantee the compliance of the presented information with your local legal framework.

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During the use of our site we can ask you to provide certain information through different means that can be regarded as User Submissions. You may be asked to present certain personal information when applying for quotations at our site ("Application Data"). You may also provide information regarding other aspects that are connected with the activity of our site. The security and privacy of such data become our responsibility and won't be used in public or given to any third parties without your personal agreement, with the exception of information that can be labeled as "testimonials". The privacy and security aspects of such information and other data you provide us with is described in the Site's Privacy Policy that can also be found here, below. By providing information to our site you agree that you bear the responsibility for its accuracy and relevance to the topics discussed on this site. We have the right to refuse posting or remove any User Submissions or their parts if they are found inappropriate, irrelevant, unlawful or violating our site's Terms and Conditions at any time.

Site services

Our site offers users the possibility to receive quotations on insurance services and discount programs provided by a select network of insurance companies, agents, brokers and other representatives. Our aim is to provide you with reliable and relevant information that you can use for making personal decisions and do not force you to choose any services or providers that may be represented on this site. As soon as you provide the necessary personal data through the means of online forms we will connect you with the relevant insurance representatives taking the provided information into consideration.

We do not assume any responsibility for insurance company representatives nor guarantee you any coverage, as our site doesn't render any services or offer products. Our site is to be regarded as a source of information that can be used at own responsibility. If you want to receive detailed information or specific consultations you should seek the advice of insurance brokers or agents.

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